Hayden Technologies is a family-owned and operated small business. Bill Hayden serves as programmer, designer, and support staff. Nikol Hayden handles the accounting. Our young apprentices are Tommy, Ben, Joshua, Anna, and Emma Leigh, aged from 12 years down to 5 years. They are the security team: they can find a weakness in any security system and bypass it.


Hayden Technologies sells, services, and supports computers, networks, peripherals, and software. We are equally proficient in Mac-, Windows-, and Linux-based systems.


There is a need for trusted, consistent, reliable computer service and advice. We seek to serve and to establish a relationship with a manageable number of clients, allowing us to give unhurried, personal service that meets your best interests.


We are located in Gainesville, Florida. When on-site service is required, we serve clients locally in the entirety of Alachua county. When services can be rendered over the Internet, we are happy to serve clients anywhere in the world.